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for fans of battle of wolf 359, storm the bastille, and ampere.

(limited to 100)
includes a sticker, button and tri-fold insert with lyrics

"Endamori - "s / t" EP (Sleepinghouse)
New project of Cease Upon the Capitol and Dolcim. And compared to the former, Endamori are much more diverse and ambitious. What comes out is one of these drives, which I pursued in the early rounds with great anticipation because you never know in this kind of music what happens next. Building blocks of ponderous, chaotic hardcore screamo and desperate encounter all sorts of quiet parts that serve to generate much excitement and atmosphere. Even the odd sample is allowed. In its entirety, I would describe Endamori as a mix of Battle of Wolf 359, Black Kites and the previous two bands. As far as I see it, the EP is a concept-designed to work and it shows. The individual pieces that are between one and a half to seven minutes flow, converge, and build to centralize on each other and above all one thing: the dark, menacing and mysterious mood. Shouting and instrumentation go hand in hand in their desolation and create in the end a more than successful, very consistent piece of music. For those who hold most hardcore / screamo for the uniformly and calculated, Endamori's debut is an absolute must-have! 8/10"
-borderline fucked up